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Foot Doctors - World Diabetes Day

by Staff Writer

Even as India has earned the dubious variation of possessing the highest number of diabetics on the globe, doctors are increasingly advocating self-management of the disease as way to control it.

A recent study has pointed out that 10% or about 60 lakh people in Maharashtra alone suffer from the silent condition. Whets event worse is that 9 million people were found to be pre-diabetic.

“The numbers are so high that the doctors cannot see all the patients on a regular basis. Even today, our appointments are booked three months in advance. Thats why patients should learn to take care of themselves and only consult doctors in emergencies as this is a lifelong disease,” said endocrinologist Dr Uday Phadke.

Phadke said, currently, patients are heavily dependent on doctors for management of the disease.

“The management of diabetes is easily done through a five-point formula that patients need to follow in their daily life. In fact, diabetes management depends heavily on a person rather than medication, which is why we discourage people to come to our clinics for slightest of things and instead report the problem online,” said Phadke.

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Published: November 16, 2011

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